Resource: Video Case Study: Supporting Teachers’ Development

St Stephen’s C of E Primary School, Shepherd’s Bush Market, Hammersmith and Fulham

How do you keep pupils’ interest in language learning right through upper KS2? The provision of Spanish lessons at St Stephen’s was largely provided by Alana Williams, the language specialist and reception class teacher. She began to realise that keeping her older pupils engaged meant taking a look at what they were learning in their Spanish lessons. She attended a course provided by the LSEF project on CLIL methodology, and decided to try it. She prepared some Geography lessons comparing the physical and human characteristics of Peru with the UK in Spanish, supported by her project mentor. The resulting effect on her year 5 and 6 classes was inspiring! She also began supporting a non- specialist colleague to try delivering Spanish to his class of year 4 pupils, and the following case study illustrates how the effective use of mentor and peer mentor support improved practice.