Resource: Video Case Study: A Whole School Approach to Learning Languages

Chalkhill Primary School, Brent

“We want our children to have the best chance in life, and a second language gives them another string to their bow.” (Rose Ashton, Headteacher, Chalkhill Primary School). Rose Ashton really believes in the benefits of learning a language from young. Pupils begin learning Spanish in reception at Chalkhill, but it’s not just the pupils who are learning Spanish – all the staff are involved too. Every member of staff, whether they speak Spanish themselves or not, is expected to get involved. Spanish is part of the school day, the daily routines, the assemblies, the greetings. It is also being included in lessons such as music, PE and other topic areas. The school knows that if you want to really grasp a language, you have to use it as often as possible, not just for 45 minutes once a week in your Spanish lesson. This “whole school approach” is very well illustrated in this case study.