Resource: Mexico CLIL Unit of Work

Mexico CLIL Unit of Work

  • The unit of work is made up of 6 lessons and accompanying resources.
  • The unit is aimed at years 5 and 6.
  • Each lesson is designed to last approximately an hour.
  • The lessons are adaptable – activities can be omitted or the lessons can be split into 2 shorter lesson depending on individual needs. Lessons can be split or carried over to allow more time for explanation, writing or speaking activities.
  • Optional activities are included for use.
  • Each lesson has an accompanying PowerPoint which can be imported into whiteboard software if desired.

Download the resources here:

  • CLIL Unit of Work Notes for Use here
  • Mexico Unit Overview here
  • Mexico Unit of Work Programme Plans here
  • Lessons 1-3 here
  • Lessons 4-5 here
  • Lesson 6 PowerPoint here
  • Lesson 6 Handouts here