The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN is a project that was funded by Erasmus + and led by the Goethe-Institut London. It involved ten partners from four European countries, including the University of Westminster. The game was developed into English, German, Spanish, Italian and French and is intended for schools or home-schooling teachers to evaluate the foreign language skills of their pupils. It is available free of charge to any schools registering to use it.

As part of the project, data was collected from pupils in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain over several survey periods. With the help of the data collected, the validity of the instrument – i.e. its quality and suitability was to be checked, with a first impression of the pupils’ linguistic competences to be gained. In addition, a questionnaire was used at the end of the game to determine the motivation of those being tested. To read about the latest research results from the LANGUAGE MAGICIAN click here.

We would be particularly interested to hear from any primary schools, which have used the LANGUAGE MAGICIAN game with their children, or are interested in using the game. Manuals are available for all those wishing to get to know the game in more depth. Please email us at For more information about the LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, plus details on how to register your school, click here