THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN online game was officially launched at Language World UK, the annual conference of the Association for Language Learning (ALL), in March 2018. Teachers attending the conference were treated to a major talk about the game, a linked session on Assessment, a Game workshop session and the launch event itself.

The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, just in case you missed it, is a fun, online and highly- motivating game for primary school children. It engages children as they take on the persona of a magician, with a series of language-based tasks to solve, in order to free the animals that have been captured by the evil wizard, Winivil. It is great for children as they are not afraid to have a go, even if it means getting an answer wrong. It teaches us an important lesson, that when we learn a language, we don’t have to know and understand every single word, we will be just fine. At the same time, the game is a convenient tool for teachers, as it allows them to capture data about their pupils’ progress, which is magic in itself!

The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN has been funded by Erasmus + and led by the Goethe-Institut London and has involved ten partners from four European countries, including the University of Westminster. The game has been developed into English, German, Spanish, Italian and French and the piloting of the game and the research gathered have indicated some excellent results and findings.

As the project closes to an end, the project team is looking forward to the Final Conference of the Project, at the University of Westminster, on Saturday 19 May. Highlights of the conference will include individual language sessions, a detailed introduction to the Classroom Resources and the Speaking Module and the opportunity to play the game, as well as participating in a Culinary Experience session, at the end of the day.

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