On 29 November 2018, I attended the Brent Primary Foreign Language Teaching Hub session on the importance of motivating children in language lessons. The session titled ‘Activate and Motivate’ was organised and led by Lara Griffiths, MFL Leader and Specialist Leader of Education for MFL (Byron Court Primary School) and Ana Chapela, MFL Leader (Salusbury Primary School).

I had the pleasure of working with Lara and Ana during the London Schools Excellence Fund Project (Primary Language Networks) and Professional Language Network Hub Legacy Project, a couple of years ago. During both projects, language teachers had the opportunity to receive one-to-one mentoring, lesson observations and feedback, and had access to a programme of Continuing Professional Development, networking events and sharing of best practice at local termly meetings. The projects enabled the teachers involved to develop their professional skills and classroom practice and empowered them to set up and run their own meetings for other teachers in their local communities.

It is important that teachers have the chance to come together, to share ideas and examples and to act as a sounding board for one another. There was certainly a real buzz at this hub meeting and all teachers attending, some new to the group, were able to try out some fun and motivating ideas for the classroom, as well as talk about their own experiences and what works well. The Brent Primary Foreign Language Teaching Hub sessions run on a termly basis. All teachers are welcome, even those from outside the borough and it is a great way to meet like-minded teachers from all over London.

It was a great opportunity for me to visit Bryon Court Primary School and meet a group of teachers who get so much out of these meetings. Thank you to Lara and Ana for their enthusiasm and drive and for continuing to plan and deliver these hub workshops.