The Network for Languages London team consists of two Co-Directors; Professor Debra Kelly and Domini Stone.

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10 December 2018

The Brent Primary Foreign Language Teaching Hub – Networking with like-minded professionals

On 29 November 2018, I attended the Brent Primary Foreign Language Teaching Hub session on the importance of motivating children in language lessons. The session titled ‘Activate and Motivate’ was organised and led by Lara Griffiths, MFL Leader and Specialist Leader of Education for MFL (Byron Court Primary School) and Ana Chapela, MFL Leader (Salusbury […]

24 October 2018

The National Gujarati Teachers’ Conference 2018 – Treasuring, innovating and inspiring language learning

Earlier this year, I was very pleased to meet the national Gujarati Co-ordinator for the BAPS Gujarati schools, for the first time. At that time, I must confess to not knowing much at all about the Gujarati language and how it is being taught around the country. I listened keenly to the work being done […]

02 October 2018

European Day of Languages – A Reflection

On 26 September, we celebrated the European Day of Languages. The European Day of Languages was first established in 2001, by the European Commission and the Council of Europe, during the European Year of Languages. The general aim of the day, which has been celebrated by people all over Europe ever since, is to highlight […]

29 August 2018

Cuban – Westminster Academic Exchange: Exploring and sharing current developments in language teaching

The University of Westminster recently hosted three teacher educators from Cuba, as a part of an academic exchange and scholarship programme and longstanding link between the university and the Havana Medical Schools and Verona Pedagogical University. Since 2003, 35 Cuban colleagues have benefitted from completing Masters and Summer Courses at the university, whilst Westminster colleagues […]

18 July 2018

European Language Resources from Europe

You probably already know European Schoolbooks Ltd, or their bookshops in London – the European Bookshop and the Italian Bookshop, both in Gloucester Road, in South Kensington.  If you do, you will know that they work on behalf of European publishers of language-teaching materials.  Their principal languages are French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Portuguese.  […]

05 June 2018

LANGUAGE MAGICIAN Final Conference, University of Westminster – 19 May 2018

As a newcomer to this Erasmus-funded project, I went with some curiosity to this event at the University of Westminster on Saturday 19 May, to find out more. Although labelled it’s “Final” conference, I felt nonetheless embraced by its adherents, captivated by its simplicity and wowed by the rigour of the resource! There were magicians’ […]

24 May 2018

CLIL – A Way Forward for Languages….

Learning a foreign language is often perceived as difficult and can be a de-motivating experience for learners, owing to pupils being required to talk about subjects, which are not age-appropriate, or of little interest to them. Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) enables pupils to learn a content subject via a foreign language and also […]

17 April 2018


THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN online game was officially launched at Language World UK, the annual conference of the Association for Language Learning (ALL), in March 2018. Teachers attending the conference were treated to a major talk about the game, a linked session on Assessment, a Game workshop session and the launch event itself. The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, […]

16 March 2018

Reflective Practice Workshops

The Reflective Practice Workshops build on the work accomplished during the London Schools Excellence Fund and Legacy (Professional Language Networks) Projects. Teachers involved in those projects were encouraged to pick a focus question/area each term and reflect on their practice throughout the process, documenting their observations and thought processes in a reflective log. Project Mentors […]

21 February 2018

International Mother Language Day – Promoting multilingualism and linguistic & cultural diversity

One language disappears on average every two weeks, taking with it an entire cultural and intellectual heritage, according to UNESCO. Roughly, a third of languages are endangered and sadly, many people all over the world are being denied the opportunity to maintain, develop and enjoy their mother language. The idea to celebrate International Mother Language Day […]

09 January 2018

Subject Knowledge Hubs Programme – Supporting excellent teaching and learning in London schools

A group of London modern foreign language primary teachers involved in the University of Westminster’s London Schools Excellence Legacy Project, ‘Professional Language Networks,’ were recognised for their hard work and contributions, at a Celebration Event at City Hall, which took place on Monday 11 December 2017. The  teachers received a Certificate of Recognition for their […]

27 October 2017

The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN French pilot gets off to a flying start

In October 2017, the piloting of the French version of the LANGUAGE MAGICIAN online game got off to a flying start. The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, in case you missed it, is a computer game that can be used as an assessment tool in schools. The game is fun for children, builds on their language and IT-skills […]

13 July 2017

Taking part in the Legacy Project has directly impacted all our staff

As a school we have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the London Schools Excellence Legacy Project, ‘Professional Language Networks Hub’. We have benefited greatly from the support offered and have attended four MFL local hub meetings in Wandsworth since last summer and the Network for Languages MFL conferences in November and June. These events have allowed […]

03 July 2017

Discovering a new support network has helped me improve professionally

I have been working at Rutherford House Primary School for the past 3 years and last September I was introduced to the ‘Professional Language Networks’ Hub project by my mentor, Mrs Verena Mulloy. I had the opportunity to attend several workshops and courses offered and organised by Network for Languages London, which had a great impact on […]

03 July 2017

Expanding our network to support local schools and to share approaches to assessment and curriculum

I am the Deputy Head Teacher at Shaftesbury Park Primary School and have been in this role for two years. Network for Languages London has provided me with many opportunities for developing my practice and improving languages provision at my school. Firstly, it has opened up a network of language practitioners whom I meet with […]

21 February 2017

Lessons from Bloom’s Taxonomy – a visit to Sudbury Primary School

The Taxonomy of Educational Objectives familiarly known as Bloom’s Taxonomy first published in 1956 and the later revision in 2001  A Taxonomy for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment have provided us with powerful frameworks by which to identify ways in which we think and ways in which we can take thought deeper. Sudbury Primary School in the London […]

15 February 2017


The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN International Conference took place on Friday 27 January at Leipzig University, Germany and gave primary school teachers and other professionals from a wide-variety of European countries the opportunity to learn more about the LANGUAGE MAGICIAN game and its impact to date.  So far, nearly 2000 children have been tested as part of […]

26 October 2016

A knowledge Transfer Partnership: working with a small software company to develop CLIL game based learning materials

We are two colleagues working at Manchester Met who share a mutual interest in the importance and role of language in the classroom. We see the potential for CLIL pedagogy to make a positive impact on learning and are keen to explore this further. We are currently working on a project to develop game based […]

06 October 2016

The Language Magician Project – one year on…

The University of Westminster is one of ten partners from four European countries currently collaborating in an exciting strategic partnership project, ‘The Language Magician’, being led by the Goethe-Institut London and supported by the EU under the Erasmus + programme.   The project aims to support the learning and teaching of languages at primary school […]

25 January 2016

Teacher Learning Community

The London Schools Excellence Fund Project, ‘Professional Language Networks’, has sown the seed of what we call a “teacher learning community” which I believe is effective and cohesive. Through the networks created during the LSEF project, teachers: shared and discussed ideas; exchanged worries and reinforced good practice throughout local seminars, university workshops and conferences. They […]

25 January 2016

Teaching Art Through Spanish Language

It was not until I joined the LSEF Project that I started to introduce CLIL in my school. I met a group of teachers who were passionate about teaching subjects on the curriculum through a second language. Workshops were provided in conferences, resources were available and the contacts for specialist CLIL teachers were distributed so […]

22 January 2016

Language Policy

When you are the only language teacher at school, and you are new to the role as well, and there is no such thing as a language teachers’ network in your borough, I can assure you that it can be a very lonely role! Before summer last year, I started looking for CPD training courses […]

22 January 2016

iPads and Language Learning

One of the many benefits, of participating in the LSEF Project, was being able to attend any Network for Languages courses for FREE! I was lucky enough to receive 100 tablets at my school and I was willing to use them in my Spanish lessons. But how? Which apps should I download? How can they […]

24 May 2012

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the Network for Languages London blog. Our aim is to create an online community for language teachers and a place to share views, ideas and understanding on a range of themes in languages. Each month guest bloggers will write about a variety of topics and developments in languages, which we hope will be […]

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