Professional Training & Development Courses for Language Teachers

Network for Languages London offers a variety of courses for primary and secondary school teachers at all stages of their career. All courses are suitable for specialist language teachers and non-specialists, Heads of Departments and those new to their roles and schools. NQTs and PGCE students are very welcome.

All day courses for 2017/2018 cost £145, our twilight courses from 4-6pm cost £70. Resources to take home and a certificate of participation are included in the price for our courses.

Membership to our Professional Language Network Hub allows language teachers to share ideas and approaches to teaching, providing them with the opportunity to update their professional skills as well as their subject knowledge. For further information, download the leaflet here, or click here to find out more.

Courses can also be tailored to meet individual requirements and we are able to run courses on behalf of teaching school alliances, local authorities and as part of school inset days, including language upskilling. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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‘Once upon a time…..Using stories for teaching and learning Languages in primary school’

  With the National Curriculum Programme of Study firmly focused on developing pupils’ appreciation of stories and literary texts at KS2 and beyond, this one-day course will look at how stories and picture books can be used as the basis for planning lessons and schemes of work.  Why should I attend? This course has been […]

Next course: Tuesday 30th January 2018


Accelerating language learning using phonics

Why should I attend? With pronunciation, intonation and speaking more fluently being an area of focus for many teachers, this course enables delegates: to better understand what is meant by phonics and the sound-spelling link and to discover a wealth of phonics resources and ideas for use in class. The course will introduce delegates to […]

Next course: Tuesday 5th December 2017


Approaches to Assessment

Why should I attend? Now three years into the implementation of statutory languages at Key Stage 2 and with the removal of the obligation to use national curriculum levels, this course tackles the dilemma of how to best assess our learners’ progress in language learning. We will explore a variety of ways in which assessment […]

Next course: Thursday 30th November 2017


Classroom strategies for teachers of primary languages

Why should I attend? This highly interactive and practical course will provide delegates with an excellent repertoire of teaching strategies and ideas to help them to give their students the best opportunity to learn and to enjoy learning a language at Key Stage 2. We will look at the Key Stage 2 Programme of Study […]

Next course: Tuesday 20th February 2018


CLIL – The Three-Fold Cord. Strong cross-curricular links using languages in the primary curriculum

Why should I attend? This course explains in detail what CLIL is, how it works and why it works so well in the primary phase. Delegates will be provided with lots of practical examples and will have the opportunity to create their own CLIL module using simple planning tools. A highly stimulating and rewarding course! […]

Next course: Thursday 8th February 2018


Developing students’ speaking skills

Why should I attend? This practical course will focus on practical, tried and tested strategies and will provide you with a wide range of ideas to help your pupils to become more motivated and confident when speaking. The course will demonstrate how Group Talk can be used and implemented in lessons, which can help students […]

Next course: Thursday 26th April 2018


GCSE Ready: Success at Key Stage 4

Why should I attend? This course explores the challenges and opportunities presented by the new GCSE specifications.  It looks at the key changes to assessment for each skill and considers the implications for teaching and learning, with a focus on strategies to develop students’ speaking and writing skills. What will the course enable me to […]

Next course: Tuesday 26th June 2018


Getting children to THINK! How the use of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) helps children develop their thinking skills

Why should I attend? This course explains in detail how CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) exploits so many thinking skills, making learning much more enjoyable for pupils. There will be a detailed look at many different subject areas, such as PE, Geography, Music, Science and how these various subject areas lend themselves to different […]

Next course: Thursday 21st June 2018


How to facilitate early interaction with authentic resources

Why should I attend? The Key Stage 2 and 3 Programmes of Study and content for modern languages GCSEs all emphasise the importance of appreciating and understanding the language and culture through a range of literary and auditory sources, such as stories, songs and poems. This course will be useful for delegates who wish to […]

Next course: Thursday 15th March 2018


Motivation and Language Learning

Why should I attend? This course is relevant for all teachers looking for strategies to help motivate their students to learn languages. The course will: address the area of curricular planning; look at effective teaching strategies; provide delegates with guidance on progression and Assessment for Learning (AfL) and provide opportunities for discussion of approaches to […]

Next course: Thursday 14th June 2018


Professional Language Network Hub, University of Westminster

Professional Language Network Hub, University of Westminster The Professional Language Network Hub allows language teachers to share ideas and approaches to teaching and provides them with the opportunity to update their professional skills as well as their subject knowledge in languages and language teaching methodology. Both primary and secondary school teachers are invited to join […]

Next course: Wednesday 1st November 2017


Reflective Practice Workshop

The Reflective Practice workshops enable primary and secondary colleagues to reflect on their teaching, focussing on common themes and areas of interest in language teaching. The workshops are a great way of sharing ideas and resources for the MFL classroom and connecting with colleagues from across London.  As places are limited, please only register if […]

Next course: Thursday 9th November 2017


Talking Target Language: developing spontaneity in the classroom

Why should I attend? This course will consider how we teach our students to improve their pronunciation and intonation and look at how we can provide them with ample opportunities to use the target language in class. The course is both relevant and practical and is ideal for those new to teaching French, those having […]

Next course: Tuesday 22nd May 2018