Daphne Vallas

Daphne is a French Lecturer and teacher trainer at the University of Westminster where she has designed and led the Professional Development for Experienced Language Teachers project. She is a CELTA trainer and EUROLTA Master Trainer and has been training teachers and teacher trainers for more than 20 years. Her roles include teaching French, developing materials for Blackboard use and mentoring novice and senior language teachers. She is currently developing materials designed to address cross-cultural issues in corporate language teaching. Daphne has developed a course on Culturally Responsive Teaching for Network for Languages. She has given workshops and conferences about current trends in language teaching. Daphne’s areas of research and interest are task-based learning and intercultural communication.

Recent articles:

28 November 2014

Ceci est authentique

In the world of modern language teaching much emphasis is often put on the use of authentic materials. While the benefits of authentic materials are undeniably excellent it might be daunting for teachers to interpret what constitutes a worthy piece of authentic materials. “Don’t worry too much about that. So long as it’s authentic it […]

17 November 2014

Ceci n’est pas une leçon

“Here’s the coursebook we are using. You can divide each chapter into 3 and the book should be enough to cover Term 1 and 2.” This pretty much summarises one of my first teaching jobs. Once the job interview is over and you are deemed worthy of being given a class to teach the hard […]

16 June 2014

Ceci n’est pas impoli

Both my children were born in the UK and brought up bilingually. They speak fluent French and we travel to France once a year for the summer holidays. As soon as we set foot on what is essentially my homeland they never fail to make insightful comments such as “Mummy, that man was just so […]

09 June 2014

Ceci n’est pas un professeur

As someone who has taught mostly in the UK but been educated in France I still struggle with concepts such as “ownership of knowledge” and “facilitation of knowledge”. When I was trained up as a language teacher on a CELTA course I enjoyed the freedom that seemed to be given to students and teachers alike. […]

21 May 2014

Ceci n’est pas une invitation

When I came to live in London I was already fluent in English and I felt confident about communicating with people. I did not know anyone other than a close English friend. At a party I met a charming couple and we spent the evening chatting and having a laugh. At some point they realised […]