The GCSE Language Club aims to help learners develop their language skills and gain more practical expertise. Practical sessions are offered in French, Spanish and Chinese over two half days, followed by cultural events relating to the language/s in the afternoon. The sessions are not syllabus revision workshops, but are aimed to encourage learners to apply their language skills in different contexts and use them flexibly, aiming to increase students’ confidence and fluency. The practical language sessions focus on a mixture of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. The classes are interactive and aim to encourage natural language production in a variety of scenarios.

For students studying French, Chinese or Spanish at AS or A2 level and keen to practise their language skills in real-life contexts, the A level language club gives students the opportunity to work intensively with qualified native speakers. During the four morning sessions, students will be introduced to authentic resources and will practise all language skills. The aim is to help students use tlanguage with increasing accuracy, flexibility and confidence, both in spoken and written contexts.

All GCSE and A-Level sessions are delivered by experienced native speakers and look at common grammar points, vocabulary expansion and practical language use, such as role plays, comprehension tasks or writing in context.

To find out more information please contact Ben Adofo (Westminster Skills Project Officer) or