On Thursday 5 October the University of Westminster hosted the London Schools Excellence Legacy Fund Project celebration event to mark the success of the work accomplished by the University’s Professional Language Networks Hub.

The Legacy project, supported by the Mayor of London and funded by the Greater London Authority, set out to raise the quality of teaching in primary and secondary schools and improve pupils’ attainment in core subjects including languages, as well as their motivation. Among these funded learning projects, the University of Westminster’s ‘Professional Language Networks Hubs’ Legacy Project aimed to enhance language teachers’ subject knowledge and leadership skills in primary and secondary schools across London, by using evidence-based approaches to develop their practice further. The University of Westminster’s team of experts have overseen the development of 7 local hubs in London, ensuring that lead practitioners receive the necessary training that will equip them with the skills, academic knowledge and confidence to use evidence-based approaches to further develop their practice and to be able to support their colleagues.

The hub built upon the work accomplished by the University of Westminster’s original LSEF project, has directly supported 16 schools, 20 teachers and 6085 pupils since its creation. 32 networking events have reached over 460 teachers across London.

The event, hosted at Regent Street Campus on Thursday 5 October, included a talk by the Deputy Mayor of London, Education and Childcare, Joanne McCartney, a welcome address by Professor Andrew Linn, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as presentations of the project findings from the University of Westminster’s team running the project. The networking reception was sponsored by WorldStrides, one of the world’s leading educational travel providers with 50 years of experience in arranging outstanding school tours. Each year more than 400,000 students travel with them to over 82 countries around the world.

The Professional Language Networks Hub looks forward to continuing its work in support primary and secondary language teachers through its new teacher membership scheme. Click here for more information.